Hatha Yoga is thousands of years old and the benefits are as true today as when it was developed.  Yoga has grown into a method for calming the mind, becoming mindful about the body and mind and allowing focus using the breath.

My classes work on posture and balance using asana or postures, breathing and relaxation.  Flexibility is created in the body by finding space in the joints, stretching and holding to strengthen the muscles and build up stamina.

All my classes are mixed ability, which means that they are suitable for complete beginners, people with physical difficulties, as well as those who have experience in a yoga class.

I use my experience of both gentle yoga stretches and techniques from a range of yoga trends.

All classes start with a focus activity to bring awareness of the breath and body and to allow people to move to stillness.  This is followed by a range of asana or postures depending of the class makeup which will include seated, standing and lying poses.