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‘The Book of Yoga, by The Sivananda Yoga Centre’ was my first book on yoga, (a gift, Christmas 1991 to be precise),  still have and love that book.   (not an instagram yoga pose in sight, just some rather fetching 1990’s sports wear).

This book was shortly followed by the discovery of  yoga videos with Rodney Yee, I was officially hooked.

Since then I have always loved yoga, and although my initial interest in yoga may have been through wanting to look half as fit and healthy as the yoga teachers I saw in the books and magazines, I soon found out that yoga was so much more than simply working the physical body, and Yoga has been an amazing and important part of my life ever since.

I completed my first Yoga Teacher Training 200hr YAP training in 2017, I love learning everything I can about yoga and have done many more courses since.

I’m here to help get a bit of the yoga super fab magic into your life.    I am on Youtube if you fancy trying some yoga classes, meditation and pranayama, check out my blog for a bit of yoga inspiration, , and if you want to geek out in a yoga community come and join ‘the Happy yoga club on facebook.

Love Jane.x









This is where I write more about me

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